Lawn Care


Lawn cutting services are done on a weekly basis and include lawn cutting, grass clipping baggage and debris removal, string-trimming, sidewalk edging and blowing off the premises.

Lawn Fertilization

We are a NYS licensed fertilization team that offers custom and safe fertilization options for all commercial and residential properties.

Lawn Rolling

Lawn rolling is an option to remove unwanted bumps, ruts and other signs of yard distress that commonly appear after the winter season. Lawn rolling compacts your soil, so it’s important to treat your lawn accordingly to make sure the rolling doesn’t stunt the overall growth or health of your yard. This service is typically done in the spring season after the harsh winter. This process is most effective when the ground is damp. When rolling, we make a point to mark all sprinkler heads, landscape lighting, shallow wiring and any other obstacle in the yard that we need to be aware of.


Thatch is a buildup of dead grass, lawn clippings, tree leaves and moss. A thin layer of thatch, roughly 1/2″ thick is ideal. It allows water, air and fertilizer to reach the roots and maintain a healthy lawn. Too much thatch – 1″ think or more – prevents those nutrients from penetrating the soil and puts a stranglehold on your lawn health.

Our dethatching service removes all the unwanted material while leaving the healthy parts of your lawn intact. There are two times of year that are ideal for dethatching, early spring and early fall as these are the peak growing times for your lawn, free from any of the stresses from cold winter snow or a blazing hot summer.

Hydroseeding and Reseeding

The hydroseeding process involves using a hose to spray a special mixture onto an area of land that you want to plant on, as opposed to tilling and seeding the old-fashioned way. Hydroseeding has a much higher germination rate. If you’re considering hydroseeding as an option, you need to start with bare soil.

If your lawn is looking thin and brown, reseeding is the perfect solution for restoring the grasses to their lush, green form. Reseeding is a fast, effective and cost-efficient way to bring back your old lawn.

Sod Installation

If you are interested in a quicker and easier way to get a lush, green lawn, installing sod in lieu of old-fashioned seeding could be the alternative you’ve been looking for. Our team will prep your soil, install your sod and you’ll be enjoying a brand-new lawn.

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